Denise Garber is our Learning Center Coordinator. Denise is a retired fifth grade teacher that taught at Hale R-1 School for 29 years. Denise has degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood. Denise has been at Power Up since the summer of 2015.  She says that she loves children and being a part of their learning in their education.  She has 3 grown children of her own that are her pride and joy, and she can continue to be a positive influence in the lives of the children that attend Power Up.  

Kathryn George, Learning Assistant

Kathryn is one of our learning assistants that helps assist the teachers and students in the different areas.  Kathryn is a student at Chillicothe R-2, who is also taking college course to receive her Associates Degree.  She plans to continue to pursue her education in curriculum development.  Kathryn says that she enjoys working at Power Up, because it allows her to build knowledge and experience for her future. She appreciates the opportunity to help make a difference in each child's life that attend Power Up.   




Kortney Nelson, Youth Program Assistant

Kortney is one of our Youth Professional Assistants. She is attending North Central Missouri College majoring in Elementary Education.  She enjoys working at Power Up, because she gets to interact with a variety of students.  She enjoys helping them make Stem challenges and different activities. 

Kaylynn Bingham, Physical Education/art coordinator 

Kaylynn Bingham is our Physical Education/Art Coordinator. Kaylynn has an undergraduate degree in Communication Disorder and Audiology with a Master's Degree in Speech Pathology. Kaylynn's background allows her to understand how important is is for students to work in small groups and receive accommodations in order for them to be successful academically and socially. Kaylynn enjoys working at Power Up, because it allows her to continue her passion of personalizing instruction in Physical Education and Art.  

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Linda Lee, Food Service/Youth Professional Assistant 

Linda Lee is a Youth Professional Assistant. Linda assists our Site Coordinator with the daily activities for our students. Linda also serves as our food service coordinator--fixing and preparing our snacks and meals.

Amy Taylor, Stem Coordinator 

Amy Taylor is our STEM Coordinator.  Amy has a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. She has a Mater's Degree in K-12 Leadership.  Amy teaches fifth grade at Chillicothe R-2.  She has taught for 16 years.  She says that she enjoys teaching Stem at Power Up, because it allows students to think outside of the box.  She enjoys watching each child problem solve in his or her own unique way.  Amy loves the values that Power up teaches children.  

Kalee Collis, youth professional assistant 

Kalee is one of our Youth Professional Assistants.    She is attending North Central Missouri College to earn her Associates Degree in Early Education.  Kalee plans to be a Preschool Teacher. She says that she loves working at Power Up, because the environment is gratifying for every adult and child. We our a team that helps everyone.    

Carla Neeley, Garden Greenhouse Coordinator

Carla Neeley is our Garden Greenhouse Coordinator.  Carla has worked in a variety of roles in education all of her life.  She was a Day Care Director for the city of Brookfield, Head Start Home Visitor, Parents as Teachers Coordinator, and an Elementary Education teacher for 13 years.  She says that she enjoys helping families by teaching their children at Power Up.  She enjoys teaching the children how to have confidence in learning how to grow different vegetables and fruits in the garden.  She loves helping each child's confidence grow in themselves academically and socially. 

Karie Black, Executive Director

Karie is our Executive Director and she has been with NMCYF since August of 2019. Karie retired from the Chillicothe R-2 School District as the Special Services District Administrator. She has worked with students in school and community setting for over 30 years. She says that she enjoys working at Power Up, because it allows her to work with kids and adults who have a passion for all types of learning opportunities.

Amanda LEE, site Director

Amanda is our Site Director and she has been with NMCYF, since August 2017. Amanda plans and coordinates all schedules and activities for our students at PowerUP!. Along with programming she implements family outreach  components for the families we serve. She loves working with kids and providing them knowledge of basic life skills and character education. 

Adriana Bethards-Gatson, Learning Assistant

Adriana is one of our learning assistants that help assist the teachers and students in the different areas.  Adriana is a student at Meadville R-4 and goes to the Early Childcare Program at Grand River Technical School.  She hopes to receive her Childhood Development Associates Degree to pursue her dream of childcare.  She loves working at Power Up, because it helps her learn.   If she ever has questions, the other teachers help her find answers and solve any problems.