North Missouri Center for youth & Families

Centered on strength, focused on the future.


Carla Neeley is our CO- Learning Center Coordinator.  Carla has taught for 13 years. She communicates with our students' school day teachers and tutors students. Carla is the teacher for HISET classes offered at NMCYF. Carla enjoys watching the learning of all students, from our younger children to adult ages and all walks of life. 

OUr Staff


Denise Garber is our CO- Learning Center Coordinator. Denise is a retired teacher. She communicates with our students' school day teachers and tutors students in areas that are needed the most. Children have been a major Denise's life and being involved with PowerUP! Afterschool gives her a chance to still be actively involved in children's learning. 

Annie turbyfill, Youth Professional Assistant 

Annie Turbyfill is a Youth Professional Assistant.  Annie assists our Program Coordinators with daily activities for our students. Annie studied PE and Strength/Conditioning at Benedictine College. She loves to be able to utilize her knowledge and skills to impact children's lives.  

Grayson Webb, youth professional assistant 

Grayson Webb is a Youth Professional Assistant. Grayson assists our Program Coordinators with the dayily activities for our students. Grayson's favorite thing to with our students is to help them with fine art activities and explore theater and performance.

Chasity Meyers, Youth professional assistant 

Chasity Meyers is a Youth Professional Assistant. Chasity assists our Program Coordinators with the daily activities for our students. Chasity is a Kindergarten teacher at Bishop Hogan School. She enjoys to see the difference in students from the school day to after school. She loves helping them discover and explore things that time does not allow for during the regular school day. 

Amanda LEE, site coordinator

Amanda joined us in August 2017. Amanda plans and coordinates all schedules and activities for our students at PowerUP!. Along with programming she implements family outreach and adult educations components for the families we serve. She loves working with kids and providing them knowledge of basic life skills and character education. 

Kaitlyn Mcmullen, Administrative assistant 

Kaitlyn McMullen is our administrative assistant. Kaitlyn works with our families and students on multiple levels. She loves working with our students, their families, and potential members. Kaitlyn loves children and has a passion for learning.

Maizey Knifong, Executive Director

Maizey has been with NMCYF since August of 2017. Prior to joining NMCYF she was in management at Cameron Regional YMCA and was a coach for Cameron R1 School District. Knifong is originally from Cameron, Missouri. “I am very excited to work with the youth of Chillicothe and provide opportunities for growth, learning and fun.”