Social Emotional Coordinator:
The position of Social Emotional Coordinator  has been established for the purpose(s) of effecting positive behavioral change in students, providing supportive interventions to staff and volunteers, serve as a link between NMCYF and the regular school day, and offer supportive information to parents.  This is a part time position requiring 20-25 hours per week (generally the hours of 1 pm -6 pm).

Responsibilities include:
Act as a liaison between student and regular program staff, offering alternative programs/activities if needed to individuals to maintain a safe and positive environment for everyone.
Administer programs and services for individuals with disabilities for the purpose of improved functioning and ensuring program eligibility and compliance with established guidelines.
Assist in developing interventions, functional behavior assessments and behavior plans for the purpose of providing a safe effective afterschool learning experience for students.
Work closely with NMCYF’s Staff to provide supportive services, encouragement and educational programs to families.
Participates in a variety of meetings, workshops and committees for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions and remaining knowledge with program guidelines.
Perform other functions as assigned for the purpose of ensuring a “teamwork” approach
Coordinator will develop, adapt, and support the SEL program for NMCYF.
Coordinator will be responsible for implementation of the SEL Program including standards, staff development, and curriculum.
The Coordinator of SEL provides direction and coordination for the effective implementation of the Social and emotional learning initiative by which kids and adults develop fundamental emotional and social competencies and experiences.
Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree required.
Experience in the area of Social Emotional Learning preferred.
Is able to plan, organize, provide leadership, and work collaboratively with NMCYF staff.
Posseses strong interpersonal skills and the ability to create productive and healthly relationships.
Demonstrates strong organizational skills with outstanding attention to detail.

Current positions available

Current volunteer positions available

Please email your completed application to:

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Current Openings

Our PowerUP! after-school program offers an opportunity for each child to receive homework assistance and any additional tutoring needed in our learning center.  The learning center is staffed with two certified teachers, but we can always use extra volunteers to ensure all student needs are being met.  This opportunity is great for retired teachers, college students wishing to gain experience and service hours for resumes, or high school students needing A+ hours.  (A+ students must have consent from school principal)  This volunteer opportunity is available Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 5:30pm.  If interested, please call our office at 660.646.1352 and ask for Amanda.

Program Volunteer
We are always looking for quality individuals who would enjoy spending time with our members.  Our PowerUP! program runs Monday-Friday 3:00pm – 6:00pm.  Fine-Arts, Character Building, Career Exploration, STEM, and Health/Fitness are all areas that make up our activities/programs.  This opportunity allows for as much or as little time you can commit.  If interested, please contact our office at 646-1352 and speak with Amanda.  Volunteers must be at minimum freshman level in high school.

**All volunteers MUST pass a criminal background check and Family Care Safety Registry Screening**

We are always looking for volunteers!!! It can be as little or as often as you'd like and can involve anything from working with the students to administrative tasks. You may download a volunteer application directly above this posting!

*Note: The reference check section of the application is only required for the internship applicants attending schools/colleges that have an internship program with NMCYF.